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Pocketsurfer, Pocketsurfer Lite, PocketSurfer 2, Pocket Surfer, Pocketsurfer 2R are various models of mobile internet device that provide fast internet access, using the anywhere GPRS technology, no wires, no hot spots required, you get fastest interrnet access as compared to any other PDA's, Smartphone, etc...

Pocketsurfer's are also very affordable as there are no monthly costs involved. You get 20hrs a month free for the first year when you buy the Pocketsurfer and about 40£ for the access annually. Browse through the website to get mKore Information about Pocketsurfer

For more information, you can also visit pocketsurfer.co.uk

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Pocketsurfer Usage

Pocket surfer   Mobile broadband wherever you are, PocketSurfer2 is revolutionizing the concept of mobile Internet by offering – FREE USAGE Model. Included in the price of the PocketSurfer2 is 20 hours of usage per month free for thefirst year, more than enough for the average user. DataWind pays the network operator, so you don't have to.

This means:

  • You pay nothing else, no separate fees to the network operator
  • No activation fees & no service charges.
  • Works right out of the box.

What is Pocketsurfer


PocketSurfer2 is an ultra-thin hand-held device that fits easily into a pocket or bag and delivers the real web, just like at home or at work. Weighing in at just 174 grams the PocketSurfer2 allows users to browse the web in its original layout on a 640x240 full colour widescreen display using a mouse cursor and a full backlit QWERTY keyboard making it the most usable portable web device around. With page-load times of under 7 seconds, you'll be flying around the web. Furthermore, there is no contract, no monthly fee, and no activation charge, which means the mobile Internet is absolutely FREE!

Don't Comprimise on Content

Browse the web just as users would on their desktop PC. Like no other handheld web experience, the PocketSurfer2 keeps all web pages displaying just as they were designed (directory)

No Wires

PocketSurfer2 has its own built-in GPRS antenna and SIM card which means it can connect itself straight to the mobile network to get you online immediately. Just take it out of the box and you’re ready to go!

The World's Fastest Handheld Device

PocketSurfer2 downloads web pages faster than any other hand-held device on any network and with full graphics and Java TM support.

The Mobile Internet for FREE

PocketSurfer2 doesn't need a user to take out a contract, a user can use it straight from the box, and there is no monthly fee or activation charge.

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